Wednesday, 10 September 2008

He Too Was Human!

Ever since I heard that the shortest verse in the Bible was: ‘Jesus wept’, I have often asked myself why that is. If nothing in the Bible is a coincidence, why then would God separate this verse and not just join these two words to the previous or the following verse? Well, this Sunday God finally revealed to me the answer to my question.

This is the only time in the Bible we see Jesus manifesting emotions purely because He was human. We have seen Jesus getting angry at the vendors, crying at Gethsemane and also crying for Jerusalem. But, in all these instances, He was moved by his faith. In the first case, He was driven by His zeal for God’s house, in the second case, He was surrendering to God’s Will and in the last case, He was showing compassion for the souls He knew would be lost. All of these incidents were a result of His supernatural faith. However, in this verse, Jesus wept solely because He too was human. He felt pain at Lazarus’ death, and manifested that emotion by crying.

And, this brings me to the reason why I believe this is the shortest verse in the Bible. This shows just how little attention and importance Jesus gave to His emotions. He reduced them to two simple words. He made no fuss about them. 

And, as I learned on Sunday, even while Jesus was crying, He was walking towards Lazarus' tomb. He was going in the direction of His problem, with the intention of facing it. He did not let His emotions dictate how He faced life. And, curiously, while He was crying, Lazarus remained dead. But, when He removed the stone (the pain, disappointment, sadness – all of which are emotions mind you) that stood between Him and the dead Lazarus (Him and His problem), He cried out and commanded Lazarus to come out. He got revolted and He acted His supernatural faith. That's when the miracle happened!

My Lord Jesus has taught me yet another valuable lesson. While I will always have my emotions, I cannot allow them to rule me. I have to face the storms of life using my supernatural faith, based on the Word of God. As the Word of God says, 'The righteous will live by faith.' In other words, if I do not use my supernatural faith, I am unrighteous (wicked) and I will die because of my unbelief. There is no middle ground, it’s either one or the other.



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Mzwandile said...

True. Probably the reason why He said that when we received the Holy Spirit we would be able to perform all the miracles that He performed and even more. Because He was indeed human, just with a supernatural faith.