Monday, 27 October 2008

Do Yourself A Huge Favour!

The world is full of them. Men and women who do senseless, hurtful, ignorant things, and the only explanation they offer for it is that they couldn’t help it, they are human! They betray their spouses, mistreat their children, destroy valuable friendships, waste opportunities. They behave irrationally, all because they are just human!

Have you ever stopped to think what would happen if animals were given the same intelligence as we humans? Maybe I have a bit of a colourful imagination, but I imagine peacocks would be on the cover of Vogue, foxes would be lawyers, monkeys would do stand-up comedy, and cats would be rallying in protest, fighting for equal rights as dogs. You certainly don’t need any colourful imagination to imagine that, in that case, we humans would probably serve as stew of the day in some famous restaurant patronized by the most elite lions, because, let’s face it, we are not among the fiercest of God’s creatures. But, fortunately for us, we only have to stop at imagining it, because we are the only creature on this earth blessed with our level of intelligence. Intelligence! The Wiktionary describes it as ‘the capacity of mind, especially to understand principles, truths, facts or meanings, acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice; the ability to learn and comprehend.’ It is the only thing that makes us human, and sets us apart from the rest of the animals.

Yet, I am constantly baffled by how little we humans apply this unique quality in our personal lives. How often do people make choices that they know are wrong, just because those choices feel good? You know he’s married, and your intelligence tells you that after years of meeting with you in secret, he’s probably not going to leave his wife for you, but you refuse to listen to it and continue to meet him because you love him, and whenever he finds time for you, he makes you so happy. You tell yourself that you can’t help it, you are human! You know you can’t afford to be going out with your friends as often as you do, because your credit is in the red, but even so, you continue to dig yourself deeper and deeper into debt, because it feels so good to be accepted as an equal by your friends. You know that nothing good will come from betraying your best friend by getting involved with her boyfriend, you will probably throw away years of a good friendship for a moment’s happiness, but, he’s so handsome, he’s definitely everything you have ever wanted in a man, and you are in love with him, so you go ahead and ignore what your intelligence tells you, simply because what you are feeling is so good.

You know better! So, why do you ignore what you know and give into what you feel? The answer is simple! It is because, you choose to. That’s all it boils down to, your choice! The biggest lie you can tell yourself is that you can’t help it, because you can! You just don’t want to. You are too busy feeling good instead of reasoning ‘good’. But, just as you suppress what you know to give into what you feel, you can also suppress what you feel to give into what you know.

If you allow yourself to be led by how you feel, and ignore what your intelligence tells you, how different are you from a horse that allows you to lead it by a whip and bits of sugar, simply because it cannot reason that you are much weaker than it is, or a dog that gives its loyalty to the man with the biggest bone? It’s a harsh comparison, I know, but if that’s what you are thinking, at least you are reasoning. Good for you! Now, listen, you have been given the ability to understand life’s principles, truths and facts, and to learn from them and practice them. You are blessed with intelligence. You were created to rule and not be ruled, certainly not by anything as meagre as an emotion. You are made of sterner stuff. Use your intelligence, learn from it. It is the voice of God within you. Do not shut it up because of unfruitful emotions. The next time you are tempted to do something irrational because of how you feel, stop and think! Weigh the consequence of your actions, and if you see that although you feel good about it, the consequences of your actions won’t bring you any good, by all means, tell yourself that you are human! Hopefully then, you’ll do yourself a huge favour, and act like one!

Remember: Your Intelligence + God’s Promises = Supernatural Faith and Supernatural Faith + Actions = An Extraordinary Life! Your life can only be extraordinary, if you act according to your intelligence! Don’t waste any more time dwelling on useless emotions!


Cristiane Cardoso said...

Just like we can decide not to fall, we can also decide to change. There's simply no 'I can't' - only if you want to deceit yourself.

Suzana Moreira said...

really have to learn to use the intelligence rather than emotion ...

I love this blog, very good