Monday, 10 November 2008

They Are Called Freezer Bags For A Reason!

I recently ran out of freezer bags and I needed to divide and pack the chicken I had in smaller portions, so I wouldn’t have to defrost it all at the same time when I needed it. Well, I got creative, or so I thought. I used cling wrap, and went away patting myself on the shoulder for coming up with an alternative! A week later, just one single short week later, when I took out the chicken, I noticed that it was frostbitten. That beautiful looking, fresh chicken I had placed in the freezer a week ago, now looked old and nasty! I went off on a tangent, asking God the proverbial ‘why’! His answer was short and to the point. ‘They are called freezer bags for a reason!’

Fact is, everything we do in life bears consequences. If I wanted my chicken to remain fresh for longer, I should have used bags that were appropriate – freezer bags! They are aptly designed to keep out the frost and to protect their content! And because I didn’t, I suffered the consequences of using an inferior bag. Yet again, I reaped what I sowed! And, like it or not, that is the law of nature!

In my opinion, one of the biggest gifts our God could have given us is our free will. Yet, it is also our biggest threat. Our free will leaves everything we go through in life – the outcome of our whole life – entirely and solely in our hands. And, if we do not make the right choices, we will not reap the right consequences. We are the only ones responsible for the kind of life we lead. We can either make it or break it. Not even God can intervene, unless and until we choose for Him to.

I have heard countless times people blaming God for things that they go through in their lives when in fact they, and they alone, are responsible for what they go through. If I choose to live my life ignoring God’s guidelines, I cannot turn around and blame Him when things do not go as He promised they would. Young girls and boys ignore the fact that God said they shouldn’t engage in premarital sex. They say it’s an old fashioned custom. They don’t want to look bad to their friends by being the only ones that abstain. And so, they succumb! Yet, when they fall pregnant or become infected with the HI virus, they are quick to point their finger God’s way and to accuse Him of abandoning them and not caring. They even dare to imply that God doesn’t exist! Well, let me break it to you gently, young one. He does exist. He cares and of course, He protected you! He cared enough to leave you a warning long before you were born. He took His time to leave you a set of guidelines, all designed with you in mind, and all of them designed to protect you and guarantee you happiness. He told you many things that you should and shouldn’t do, one of which was not to engage in premarital sex. And then, after His meticulous Work was done, He left you a choice! You now bear the consequence of the choice you made!

As do all of us. We have to stop living life as if tomorrow will not come, because as you’ve probably noticed by now, tomorrow always comes! We have to carefully weigh what it is we want out of life, and make choices that will make it happen. God has done His part. The ball is now in our court. Do you want your marriage to work? Then, make the choices that build your marriage? How can you expect your husband to rush home from work when you start nagging and criticizing him the minute he walks in the door? Do you want to do well in your career? Then let your choices reflect that. How can you expect that promotion, when you don’t even finish your current duties within the set deadlines? Are you tired of being mocked for being overweight? Well, how can you expect to lose the weight, when you comfort yourself with food every time things go wrong?

Hmm, I can just hear you telling yourself that it isn’t that easy, because if it were, you’d be leading a perfect life, right? Well, I never said it was easy, otherwise you wouldn’t need God! All I’m saying is, it is possible and it’s all up to you! Now, stop messing it up! Instead of making the easy choices and reaping the tough consequences, make the tough choices and reap the easy consequences!

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