Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Facing the Giant!

If I were to guess, I’d say that by now the excitement of the holidays has slowly but surely worn off and reality has set in, right? Yes, 2009 has definitely begun! Along with it come all the planning and the challenges of executing those plans in the upcoming year.

I’m sure you’ve pondered over and over again how this year is going to be different for you. Probably, you are now hopeful that it will end positively. It would certainly be hard to end on a positive note if you began on a negative one. And, if you are wise, you have taken it one step further and have noted all the mistakes you’ve made in the past years, and are now planning how you will avoid them, so you can achieve different results, correct?

Were you to ask me advice about how to best prepare for success in this coming year, I’d say deal with the first things first. First, face and overcome the giant! Unless and until you rise above the strongest contender, all the other plans and effort you make towards your new life will somehow end up ruined.

Oftentimes we battle to control the things around us. We organize and prioritize our time, we motivate ourselves with positive messages and we invest in ourselves by constantly improving our skills. We battle to perfect our little world and to have it all in control, but if you ask me, controlling the things around and outside of us is not that difficult. Our worst enemy, our harshest critic, our most bitter cynic, the toughest person to control, lies within us – our own self. Unless and until you learn to dominate yourself, you will always be a slave and as a slave, you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to be master of anything.

Constantly, we are bombarded by thoughts and feelings that threaten our success. How often have you given up on an idea, did not take action, simply because you couldn’t find the courage to risk failure? How often have you lost out on a good opportunity, because you couldn’t stop being dishonest and were eventually caught out? How often have you fallen victim of your own fears, doubts, emotions, imperfections, complexes, bad habits, addictions? The list goes on and on. The amount of damage we do to ourselves when we don’t have total control of ourselves seems to be without bounds. As long as you live, you will always have to face your negative side – your sinful nature. But, it does not have to rule you. You can take control and be your own boss!

The only way that your life can go your own way, the only way you will take charge of how this New Year unfolds for you, is if you are not subject of your own self. It’s time you dealt with this giant once and for all. If you said it’s impossible to do that on your own, you’d be right. I personally have not found any other way of dominating the self without God’s help. Fortunately for you and me, He doesn’t mind lending a helping hand whenever we need it. Just go ahead and grab that hand!

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