Thursday, 19 February 2009

Did You Know...

Your sneeze can travel up to 100 miles (161Km) per hour. Better put, your sneeze can outrun a car that is travelling at the maximum speed limit on most freeways or motorways. It is a way that your body gets rid of bad things that are in your nose, such as bacteria or germs. Sneezing is a reflex – an automatic reaction that you have no control over – that is generated by a special centre in your brain called the sneeze centre. When an irritation is detected in your nose, this centre alerts all the different muscles that work together to sneeze to expel the irritation.

If you are wondering why I’m writing about sneezing, it isn’t because I am desperately trying to rekindle my childhood passion of reading the ‘Did you know…’ facts on the Chappies chewing gum wrappers, though I must admit I miss that dearly! It’s because there is a lot to be learned from your body.

When you have an irritation in your nose, be it dust, be it bacteria, whatever it may be, you know that your body doesn’t stop until it has expelled that irritation, right? No matter how many times you have to sneeze, you won’t stop until the irritation is gone. Wouldn’t it be great if we had the same determination as our own body to protect ourselves from the junk in life?

I am baffled by how people will easily conform to living in bad situations. You know that your marriage is bringing you more pain that joy, it is far from your dream marriage, but since it is hard work to change it, you conform to it. You live with it. The same goes for the incurable disease you have, or the financial crisis you find yourself in. You learn to live around it, to live with it, to live despite of it. Or so you say to yourself. But, are you really living? I’d say, you are killing yourself softly with it. You are wasting your time with an irritation that you don’t have to bear.

Here is a fact you will never read on a Chappies wrapper. Just as your brain has a sneeze centre, your spirit has a sneeze centre of its own. It’s called faith and its sole use is to expel the bad in your life. You were born with an ability to have faith. Faith is described as ‘being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.’ It is a determination to see your dream come true, no matter what. Even if your faith is as small as a mustard seed, it can move mountains.

In other words, when your marriage isn’t what you hope for, or your health is deteriorating and your debts are growing day by day, when a problem that seems as big as a mountain stares you in the face every day, you know that the time has come to use your faith in order to change that situation. But, here’s the trick, faith is like a knee-jerk reaction, a reflex. It cannot be controlled by what you see. It cannot be rationalized to make sense. It is a reflex to every negative thing that challenges your dream. When reality says something negative, immediately your faith should counteract it with hope and trust. You cannot rationalize the hope you have, you simply hold on to it no matter what. And, just as nothing can shake a reflex, nothing should shake your faith.

Now, you sneeze at a 100 miles per hour! You waste no time to drive out the bad from your body, and that’s because you are not designed to accommodate any bad in your body. When you do nothing about your problems and your bad situations, it would be the same as trying to hold back a sneeze. Mission impossible, right? That’s how unnatural it should be for you to accept living this unhappy, miserable life you are living! You need to put your faith to work and do away with it immediately! No matter what it will take. Will it require effort? Most definitely. Will it require dedication and perserverance? Without a doubt. But, it should be dealt with no matter what.

Oh, one last curious fact about sneezing. Nobody sneezes while they are sleeping, and that’s because the nerves that connect your sneeze centre to the muscles you use to sneeze are also resting. Even though you have an active sneeze centre, it will not be effective without the muscles. In the same way, your faith without action is useless - null and void!

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Gabberz said...

I personally love this blog! At first I was a little surprised with all the facts about sneezing but then when you compared it to Faith I was like "AHHHH I get it." I am always going to remember that is unnatural not to use your faith in difficult times. Thanks!!!