Thursday, 7 May 2009

Revolt is the Only Way!

I grew up in an Apartheid governed South Africa and the people around me reacted to the oppression in different ways. Some gave in to it and accepted it as part of their lives – their fate. Others were angry about it – they were frustrated and were slowly being consumed by anger as they watched their dreams hopelessly fade into nothing. Yet others, those who participated in changing South Africa one way or the other, were revolted! They simply refused to accept living under oppression, and because they couldn’t accept it, they were willing to do whatever it took to change it.

No, this isn’t a blog about South African history. This is a blog about how you can change an adverse situation. When your spouse of many years is threatening to divorce you, when you are losing your children to drugs and gangs, when door after door of opportunity is being shut in your face, you can react in one of various ways. You can accept it as part of your fate and therefore keep shifting your boundaries to accommodate the adverse situation, or you can be angry at life and head down a self-destructive path of addiction, depression and so on and so forth. But, there is only one way you must react IF you want to reverse that situation. You have to get revolted!!!

Now, the thing about revolt is it shuts out all emotions. It involves calculated thought. Perhaps you say that you have been trying to save your marriage, your children or your career, on your own for years and you see that what you are doing isn’t working. Yet, you refuse to give up, because you can’t accept to lose it all. I commend you for it! You’ve got half of the equation figured out. Now it’s time to stop being emotional about it and start questioning your tactics. I am sure you would agree with me that if you could fix things on your own, you would have by now. Fact is, your revolt on its own is not enough. You need the second part of the equation, and that is faith in God! He will do for you what you cannot do for yourself! Faith in Him coupled with revolt will bring about the change you desire! I can assure you without a shadow of doubt that God is willing to do whatever it takes to help you change your situation, the question is, are you?


Marcia Pires said...

Hi Moti, yes, this blog is not about SAfrican history but if you carefully look into it, you surely learn a great deal about revolt and result. However in between these two ends there was a bridge called sacrifice of a few for a cause they stood for. I have learnt to recognize sacrifice though the life of these great figures and to love this country and make it my own for this very same reason. We live in a South Africa today conquered by the action of a handful that did not accept the situation, got revolted and acted upon it. The same will happen to you and me if we just do the same.

Janet said...

While reading this I finally put together the idea that revolt requires a revolution. A revolution requires what you called "calculated thought" and then action to back it up. That's the only way to accomplish anything. I don't want to just complain. I want to change things.

Anonymous said...

Olá, Moti,

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Bjinhos e obrigada

andreia said...

Hello Moti! It was a pleasure to meet you here in Portugal! I knew you were special. Hope to hear from you soon! Lots of kisses. Andreia.

Enjoyed very much your blog!

P.S. Desculpa os erros, não tivemos mt tempo para treinar o inglês. Fica para a próxima. Rrsrsrs

Mzwandile said...

Most people find it very simple to "revolt" whilst in the church when they're praying or when the pastor tells them to. But outside, where your revolt is more important and effective, they can't use their revolt there. When they're supposed to go after what they want, to fight, to use "calculated thought" as you put it, they fail.

Imagine if the heroes of our struggle had just spoken about fighting the apartheid regime inside their houses and offices, but when came the time to take to the streets and face the bullet, they pulled back. We would still be in bondage. But because they looked fear in the eye when it mattered the most, they overcame. It's the very same when it comes to using our faith.

Gabberz said...

When I was done reading this I realized that being revolted and having Faith in God is the only way.

sandy alecia lewis said...

before i use to accept my situation as well, i thought to myself oh well this is my fate, but when i came to the church i realise that for me to change my situation i need to be revolted and with revolt it forces change!