Monday, 8 June 2009

Revolted? Are You Really?

There are moments in our lives we feel enough is enough. A certain situation or someone has pushed us to our limit and we can’t take it anymore. At that moment, we draw a line. We refuse to budge. The situation either changes or changes, we tell ourselves, but it can’t go on any further.

That is the case, for example, when you try on an old pair of pants and realize they don’t fit anymore, which means, once again, you have to up your size. And, you know that there is no way you will up that size, and so you begin a rigorous regime of healthy eating and exercise, which bears results and ends up with you losing weight. I am sure many women have lived this scenario. Sadly, in many cases the weight almost instantly comes back and losing it again is near impossible. So, you end up upping that size eventually.

Yet, there are those, the few that we admire, who are able to reach their goal weight and never go back to being overweight again. Why? What sets them apart? It’s simple really! The first group of women were women who got angry with their situation. Their anger boiled and while it boiled, they acted – they managed to change their lifestyle for a while. Their anger carried them through months of a disciplined life. But, unfortunately, anger is an emotion and therefore, it doesn’t last. After a while, it fades away and if it is all that carries you, when that happens, you end up at the bottom where you first started, if not worse off. Now, the second group changed their lifestyle completely, because instead of getting angry, they got revolted and that revolt led them to change their lifestyle permanently.

Understand revolt. It isn’t an emotion. It isn’t a pep talk you give yourself. It isn’t fancy terminology of the UCKG during a special Campaign of Israel. It doesn’t come and go and most importantly, it is NOT anger! Revolt is the realization you come to that there is a better and a happier life than the one you are living and you can’t and won’t live without it any longer. It is the refusal to continue living in an adverse situation. Revolt is a one way street. Once you get revolted, there is no turning back. Nothing and no one can make you accept and live in that situation anymore. No argument will ever convince you to continue living with it, just as none will ever discourage you from changing it. No other option is available to you, other than changing the adverse situation. And, because you do not accept it, you do everything that is in your power to change it, even when it means sacrificing.

Bearing all this in mind, how do you know, then, that you are acting based on revolt and not anger? You know when sacrificing in order to change your situation is easier for you than continuing to live with it. When given the choice between the two, you’d rather sacrifice than continue living in that situation - even when sacrificing is a matter of life and death and it scares you to death! So, next time you are tempted to utter, “I am revolted,” stop and first ask yourself whether or not you are ready to back that statement up with your sacrifice. To the contrary, what you are feeling isn’t REVOLT!


Mzwandile said...

I've considered this same point a lot myself. Generally, in the week or two following a campaign, you'll see lots of people who entered "going after their blessings". They'll be going to test-drives, viewing houses, job searching, maybe even ask that lady out. But a month later, it's back to the old way of doing things. And we wonder why we don't see God's power in our lives. Instead of people exhibiting a bonfire, they have a small match to strike, and that's it. I've told myself that I will give myself no rest, and I will give God Himself no rest, until He fulfills His promises in my life.

Selena said...

I finally understood that revolt plus action changes an adverse situation. I realised this when an situation or problem kept returning and anger wasn't enough. As soon as I was happy the anger would go and I'd forget about the problem until I crept up on me again. Revolt is the secret.

Rajani said...

Our lives can only change until we truly get revolted. Until we don't we will never see our lives moving forward. Its true revolt isn't a feeling it's in fact an action because there is no way that someone can be revolted about their situation and have done nothing to change it.
Southall, UK

Sabrina Durant said...

When I read this I ultimately asked myself that question. Am I really REVOLTED? When I continued to read I remembered countless times when I thought I was revolted instead I was just angry. Only recently I got revolted at my situation in my life. So I decided it's either Now or Never. I either win or I lose. So I sacrificed. After reading this post I only continue to believe that through that sacrifice God is taking me into another future. The one that He promised to give. And shortly I will share my testimony. This post only strengthens me more.