Friday, 31 July 2009

Adapting Vs. The Dream

A year and half ago I moved to London and I confess, on my way here, I had reservations, because whenever I’d hear people speaking about London, I’d hear them saying it was a dreary place, cloudy, rainy, and cold for most part of the year. And, coming from sunny South Africa, I just could never imagine being able to live in London. However, today, merely one and half years down the line, I surprised myself. On my way out I noticed that I now use a bigger bag than the bags I used to use before. And, it’s packed with a jacket for the unexpected cold breeze, an umbrella for the rain, sun glasses for that rare moment when the sun comes out. And, here’s where I surprised myself, I am no longer bothered by the rain, the clouds, the wind and everything else London throws my way. I am coping better than I imagined. Adjusting and adapting – we humans are certainly good at it, aren’t we? We always search for and gravitate towards the comfort zone, and if we can’t do much about the zone, we up our tolerance level so that we may find a new comfort zone and cope. If we can’t stop the rain from falling, we find a way of living with it.

Sadly, many people are losing out because of this great ability they have to adapt. At this very moment, communication is breaking down in many marriages, because the couple couldn’t find a way of communicating, and so they are adapting and learning to do without the need of speaking to each other. Dinners in front of the TV are replacing the uncomfortable meals they used to have across the dinner table in strife or silence. It’s better to have a meal in peace distracted and entertained by the TV, than not to enjoy your meal because you can’t stop fighting long enough to pay attention to what’s on your plate, right? I agree. But, having a jovial meal together on the dinner table in which you can’t get enough of each other is far more gratifying. Unfortunately, while busy adapting and searching for a new zone of comfort, many are doing so at the expense of their dream. Likewise, people are turning to addiction to help them cope with the stressful situations in their lives. People are readjusting their career plans, just so they can be able to support their families. In all these cases, coping and adjusting is taking precedence to the fulfillment of the dream.

This to me is sad and unacceptable, considering that God has left us more than 7000 guaranteed promises that He will fulfil our dreams. Of course, it goes without saying that we have to choose the dream above the comfort zone and be willing to do whatever is necessary to see it being fulfilled. God’s Word and promises are like the constitution of a country. It outlines the basic human rights of a person, but, that does not mean that the person’s rights can never be infringed. And, when they are, it is up to the person to use whatever resources he has – the courts, the justice system – to make sure his rights are enforced. So, as an example, if the constitution states that it is illegal to discriminate against someone because of race, and a person finds himself being discriminated against because of his race, he has two choices, to adapt to the discrimination and to learn to live with it the best way possible or to contest it in court, fight for his rights and make sure that he ends up fulfilled and happy. No doubt, fighting through the courts would the tougher choice, it would require effort and determination, but the results would far outweigh the results gotten by adapting.

Faith is the resource we all have to fight for our rights and dreams. But, unless it is used, it bears no fruit. And, sadly while it may seem like settling and adapting is the easier choice, anyone who has ever had to live with burying a dream can agree that it ends up costly in the long run. It brings with it anguish and bitterness. And, the longer one puts off fighting for the dream, the harder it will be to come out of that neat little comfort zone one has created. The bottom line will be a long, bitter unfulfilled life that is tolerated. Then it will be just a matter of time before that tolerance runs out. The truth is, as good as we are at adapting, we can only do it for so long. There is a limit. Don’t put off fighting for your dreams. Don't waste time trying to adjust to your adverse situation. You have to change it, and the time to change it is here and now, not years down the line. Persist, use your faith and let it bear fruits in your life!


Nanda Bezerra said...

Moti...It made me think...
Miss you!

Josemária Carvalho said...

Olá D.Moti ! Que Deus continue a usa-la .

Mzwandile said...

It's like our pastor's been telling us, either you make your own decisions or the devil will make them for you. We have it in our means to achieve all that our hearts desire, but fear and doubt and procrastination keep holding us back. I won't adapt.

Selena said...

Now the 2010 is ending I want to take my faith to another level. I was complacent and easliy adapted to situations that were not good but now i've learned before it's too late. I will fight for my dreams.