Saturday, 20 February 2010

Falling in Love at 17!

Many times we are approached by young women who are going through that wonderful phase of discovering boys and falling in love. This is no doubt a very exciting experience. No wonder so many songs and movies have been written about this one phenomenon. But, it has been my experience that when we give the advice asked of us, because it isn’t always easy to follow, our young friends give us the, ‘Oh, she doesn’t understand how I feel’ look. Yes, the kind we used to give our mothers! But, fact is, I wasn’t born a Pastor’s Wife and, as hard as it may be to believe, I once was 17.

His name was David. He was by far the most handsome boy I had seen on campus. He definitely caught not only my attention, but that of many girls on campus. He was part of the popular crowd. My attraction to him was instant – the thousand butterflies in the stomach that were each going a hundred miles per hour, the incoherent thoughts, the weak knees, the need to stare and flirt, holding my breath, hoping to catch his eye and be noticed - all wonderful and exciting!

One day, as I was walking home back from campus, a voice behind me called out to me, commenting about something that was written on the back of my sweater. I remember turning back annoyed that this guy was disturbing the day dream I was having in my head. So, ever so reluctantly, I turned to blow him off. If my life were a romantic movie, at that time, everything would go in slow motion and a romantic tune would break in the background. Suddenly I couldn’t think straight anymore. He was right behind me, giving me his dazzling smile, saying something in that deep voice of his that I didn’t catch. I hung on every word he said. He finally asked me my email address and I gave it to him. He left, promising to write me. David, oh David, my teenage heart fell in love with him instantly!

I checked my email every hour after that. The next day, his email finally came, titled ‘Where have you been all my life?’ Oh, it was my first love email! After screaming and jumping around in my room like a mad woman, feeling happy and giddy, I finally opened it wearing a huge smile, looking forward to reading it, dreaming and hoping! He didn’t disappoint. He said everything I wanted to hear and so much more. Every romantic song I had ever heard, every romantic movie I had ever seen finally made sense. He told me I was beautiful. He told me I wasn’t like any other girl he’d met, I was different. He told me he liked me. He liked my style, my demeanor, my composure. Oh, it was all so romantic. He promised to make me happy. At the end of his email, he had succeeded in making me feel like I was the only beautiful girl on campus. No other girl existed for him. He made me feel special, wanted and loved. And, he asked me out. He booked the day and the time. All I had to say was ‘yes’. After reading his email a hundred times, I finally gained the courage to sit down and write him back:

Dear David…

Find out what I wrote him in the next blog!


Anabella said...

I'm looking forward to reading your next blog!! I want to know what you wrote to David and what happened next...

Ligia said...

Mrs Moti,

I missed you a lot!

Cant wait for the next post.