Tuesday, 12 April 2011

21 Day Fast Diary... Anaesthetising the Flesh

Lately, in these 21 days of Daniel's Fast for the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on April 17th, we have been consecrating ourselves, seeking more of God and less of us, so that we can ideally have 100% of God and 0% of us in us. But, I was thinking about Jesus on the cross. When Jesus was on the cross, God and the Holy Spirit were separate from Him. At that time Jesus was 100% flesh (Him) and 0% God. Not only that, but He had the entire hell attacking Him, satan and every single demon that existed was there on the cross attacking and oppressing Him, wanting Him to fail in His mission of saving the world. And, at that moment He didn't have the protection and the conviction of the Holy Spirit. He was experiencing what people will experience here on earth after the rapture. Now, even then, even when He was 100% flesh and 0% God, Jesus still managed to remain holy and blameless. Why? What made Him able to overcome this flesh that you and I have, this nature that we ourselves can't overcome on our own without the help of the Holy Spirit?

Jesus lived His entire life, before the cross that is, as 100% of God and 0% of Him. He never once, not even a single moment, allowed Himself the pleasures of the flesh. When He was here on earth, He was in constant communion with the Father and the Holy Spirit and in constant denial of the flesh. He lived in the spirit of these 21 days His entire life. So, even when the Holy Spirit departed from Him, His flesh was a foreign concept to Him. It was dormant. It didn't have any sensitivity whatsoever. It was anaesthetised. Like after we've been to the dentist and we keep biting our lip but can't feel a single thing, that's exactly how Jesus was on the cross. He carried dead flesh, so the attacks of the devil didn't work on Him. 

The same happens to us when we live with 100% of God and 0% of us. The longer we spend in communion with God, the less sensitive our flesh becomes. So, the secret isn't to be in this spirit for these 21 days alone and then go back to feeding the flesh again, with the same habits we had before. The secret is to spend an entire lifetime in this spirit. Then our flesh will also become dead flesh and when the devil comes, he'll find us not only anaesthetised, but also full of the Holy Spirit (which Jesus didn't have). What an army for Jesus we will be then!!!


Charlotte said...

This is really strong something that I never thought of. What I also thought of was that Jesus truly surrendered His life in Gods hands because even though for that brief moment He was alone He didn't choose to take back His own life or give up on God. He didn't depend on His feelings to remain faithful to God. I'm certain on the cross Jesus must have had all the torments of the devil, but He remained faithful even in the most painful situation. This reminds me that our communion with God will sustain us in difficult moments, and I strongly believe that in those moments while Jesus was alone with God He prepared Him for this very moment when He would be crucified.

Diana bolumbu said...

What I would also like to add as well, is that even though God and the Holy Spirit had left Jesus. You could say that he had EVERY excuse to give up. I mean think about it - he was in flesh, and you/I/we know that the flesh desires to do things that is against God's will. So you can imgaine, this taught me a big lesson. I remember when I had left the church for the while, and I had just come back I would use my depression as an excuse of why I could read the Bible, I could even do simple things like evanglise. But then I realise, it's time that my flesh is saying yes, is the times I needed to seek more of God and stay in faith. Imagine, if Jesus had the excuse, "Oh I couldn't died on the cross, because there was so much tempations and I had nothing to support me". We would all look at him like "huh what you are on about". It's the same with us, everytime we are given a opportunity to get closer to God and save our lives, we use so much excuses. Now imgaine the pain God feel?

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs Moti!

I discovered your blog on Sunday(10/04) and you can't imagine how much it has already helped me!

I'm so impatient to read the continuation of your post (Sunday 10 April-"Next time we’ll talk about the assurance the Holy Spirit brings...").

Please write it as soon as possible and do NOT EVER stop writing !

God bless you!!! :-)