Thursday, 7 April 2011

21 Day Fast Diary...Who will you believe?

There are many of us who are happy and excited about this fast, waiting eagerly for the 17th of April, the designated day for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. For those, every day is a day of great joy and a taste of what’s to come on the 17th of April. But, there are some of us whose journey towards the 17th of April has not been smooth. It’s been filled with doubts and lots of oppressive thoughts from the devil. These people are looking around and thinking, ‘Oh yes, the Holy Spirit will surely come on the 17th of April and He will seal many people, but not me. I won’t be one of them, because I do not deserve Him.’

If you are among those who are thinking and feeling this way, this is what you need to realize. First and foremost, that thought isn’t your own thought. As familiar and natural as it may feel, it is NOT your own. It is from the devil. Secondly, you need to realize that the devil has absolutely NO power over you – none whatsoever! He CANNOT impede you from receiving the Holy Spirit. He has no authority over you. And, he most definitely can’t impede the Holy Spirit from coming upon you. So, that leaves him with one option... to use his biggest weapon against you... YOURSELF! The only way that the Holy Spirit will not come upon you is if you yourself count yourself out. When you choose to rule yourself out, the Holy Spirit will have to respect your wish.

So, to get you to rule yourself out, the devil will remind you of your dirty past, the horrible things that you used to do, making you feel unworthy of receiving the Holy Spirit. Naturally, if you choose to accept the feelings that he brings, you won’t even bother seeking the Holy Spirit anymore, because you will have decided that you aren’t worthy. In that case, you will have defeated yourself and taken yourself out of the race, and the devil will have won. Tied up! I will say it again. The devil has absolutely NO power over you. The only person who can impede you from receiving the Holy Spirit is you yourself.

And, should those oppressive thoughts come, increase your sacrifice. If you were praying three times, start praying six times. If you were reading the Bible once, start reading the Bible twice, three times. Send a clear message to the devil that you will not be intimidated by his tactics! The more he attacks you, the more you will seek God. What about if you feel demotivated? Since when has acting relied on feelings? Act, obey, regardless of how you feel. Remember, only you can impede yourself from receiving the Holy Spirit on the 17th of April, which would be a shame because Jesus paid a very high price in order to redeem you, so that you could be able to receive the Holy Spirit. It’s now all in your hands. Who will you choose to believe? God or the Father of lies?


Sabrina Durant said...

Its so true Ms Moti, for a long time I didn't believe I could receive the Holy Spirit because I listened to the voice of the devil who always reminded me of my past. I listened to all the doubts and evil thoughts that said I would die without God. I even became afraid of dying because deep down I knew I didn't have the Spirit of God inside of me.There was a time I actually really believed I was baptised in the Holy Spirit but the devil came into my sleep telling me I wasn't and that I would die without God in me. Thats when I became anxious and even that held me back alot.It took me a while to fight the thoughts of doubt and fear in my mind. There was too much to lose and I decided I would not allow the devil to win. Even though I felt as though I was dragging myself into Gods arms, I really told God how much I needed Him. I needed Him so much to strengthen me and guide me so that I could have the full assurance that He was inside of me. Now He is and I am so happy I made it through that drought, it was like a dessert of doubts and fear and I was searching for the Oasis of Truth that would quench my first for a life time.

Anonymous said...

Please keep writing! your blog posts are helping a lot of people in the journey towards receiving the Holy Spirit! Thanks for allowing Him to use you!

Nuria said...

Honestly Mrs Moti: PRAISE GOD for this blog post. i happened to read it when i needed it the most. I had been my worst barrier for receiving the Spirit of God for a very long time without even realissing.Yet it was very easy to blame the devil for bringing specific thoughts and emotions into my mind and heart to make me skeptical about me ever being sealed with the Spirit of God. The truth was that rather than listening to the voice of TRUTH-which was the Holy Spirit constantly assuring me that one day i would RECEIVE His presence, I often alowed that lying voice; those deceitful thoughts to take over the smallest hope God had placed in my heart. I must say that doubts and fear are the worst fights i have been having towards a break-through in my spiritual life... I hadn't realised how much this has been impeding the Holy Spirit to fulfil His plan in my life. But i am glad i have realised exactly what you've said in the last sentences; indeed "only I can impede MYSELF from receiving the Holy Spirit on the 17th of April, which would be a shame because Jesus paid a very high price in order to redeem ME; so that I could be able to receive the Holy Spirit. It’s now all in MY hands".
This is very strong. GRACAS A DEUS!
17th of April...OH WHAT A DAY!

Shandre said...

Thank You Mrs.Moti,

This is exactly what i have been struggling with.Thank you for giving me an inner renewal today,yesterday is gone,from this moment on i am going to embrace seeking God like never before,i will not be the one to impede the Holy Spirit,God will fulfill His promise in my life.I believe this speaks to many out there that was about to give up,because all of a sudden i have seen that things&people from the past came back to distract me and make me feel i will never receive.Like you said,Tied Up!

lindiwe said...

Dear Mrs Motlatsi,

Thank you for the post,because I have learned that the decision is mine and the end of the day is other I belive in God or not,and dont let wrong thoughts to make me feel down becasu I have asked for forgiveness and God has for forgave so why do I let wrong thoughts in my mind