Monday, 11 April 2011

From a Reader's Perspective... Who will you believe?

Nuria has left a new comment on your post "21 Day Fast Diary...Who will you believe?": 

Honestly Mrs Moti: PRAISE GOD for this blog post. i happened to read it when i needed it the most. I had been my worst barrier for receiving the Spirit of God for a very long time without even realissing.Yet it was very easy to blame the devil for bringing specific thoughts and emotions into my mind and heart to make me skeptical about me ever being sealed with the Spirit of God. The truth was that rather than listening to the voice of TRUTH-which was the Holy Spirit constantly assuring me that one day i would RECEIVE His presence, I often alowed that lying voice; those deceitful thoughts to take over the smallest hope God had placed in my heart. I must say that doubts and fear are the worst fights i have been having towards a break-through in my spiritual life... I hadn't realised how much this has been impeding the Holy Spirit to fulfil His plan in my life. But i am glad i have realised exactly what you've said in the last sentences; indeed "only I can impede MYSELF from receiving the Holy Spirit on the 17th of April, which would be a shame because Jesus paid a very high price in order to redeem ME; so that I could be able to receive the Holy Spirit. It’s now all in MY hands".
This is very strong. GRACAS A DEUS!
17th of April...OH WHAT A DAY!

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