Sunday, 17 April 2011

Oh, What a Day!!! ... A Spirit of Boldness

Oh, what a day!!!! 

There is so much that God has given me through these 21 days, some experiences I've already shared here on my blog, others I will still share. I could write a book, so I'll limit it to what God has emphasized to me today when were receiving the ministering of the Holy Spirit from Upper Room in Israel. God is counting on us to say and do what Jesus would do if He were here on earth. Every time that you see someone in need of attention, in need of a word to give them life and you don't help them, you are denying the Holy Spirit in you an opportunity to work. Many times we are afraid, we think, 'What do I have to give? Who am I to go to speak to that person?' Every time you ask yourself this question, 'Who am I?' remember this: you have not died yet, you are still full of yourself. That insecurity doesn't come from God, it comes from you, it is yours. (Maybe it may come from the devil, but you choose to accept it). So, while you are still full of yourself, you are empty of Jesus or the Holy Spirit. (I'm not saying that you aren't baptised with the Holy Spirit necessarily. I'm saying you have not yielded to Him, you are still holding on to yourself!) When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, He comes in power. He is a bold Spirit! So, don't think this question 'Who am I?' makes you humble. It makes you full of yourself, in other words, too proud to yield to the direction of the Holy Spirit. See how the devil can deceive us if we are not sensitive to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit? Tied up! We are vessels of our Lord Jesus and no pride, no insecurity, no weakness, no defect is going to impede us to be used by Him. In the words of queen Esther, 'If we perish, we perish!' But, nothing will stop us!

'...they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness.'  (Acts 4:31)

Dear friend, God delights in your boldness. When Jesus was here on earth, never once did He hesitate and ask Himself, 'Who am I?' His Spirit lives in us and we owe to Him to allow Him to work freely in us. But, for that to happen, we need to die of ourselves, forget who we are, forget our limitations and just submit. He doesn't expect us to do the work, He just expects us to allow Him to work through us as His instruments. Let us not keep the Holy Spirit quiet and dormant in us, let's allow Him to work freely, then we are going to cause real damage to the kingdom of the devil!!! Oh, what a day!!!!!!


Gabby said...

Wow This message is strong!!! Thanks for posting this up. The devil always tries to deceive but you are right it TIED UP!!! Thanks for posting this message!!!

Priscilla Okpara said...

Thanks so much for this message Mrs Motivation, because I believe this was the situation with me. I impeded the Holy Spirit from working through me many times because of the same thoughts you spoke about. I didn't believe that I would be able to help anyone, worthy to do so or even capable of doing so. Little did I know that this was me holding onto myself rathr than truly humbling myself and allowing God to work through me. There were even times when I listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit and did things I NEVER though I would be able to do, so I knew it was possible but I let myself get in the way of being used more for God's glory. It's now I realize what the problem was and I am constantly fighting what my 'feelings' are and going by the assurance that the Holy Spirit gives me the power to do what Jesus did AND more.
Thanks again Mrs Moti and God bless you.

Priscilla Okpara said...

I apologise, I didn't mean to call you Mrs 'Motivation' in the last post, my iPhone immediately autocorrects spelling!