Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Reader’s Question Answered… What is wrong with me?

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Hello Mrs Mrs Moti,


I participated in the 21 Days fasting of Daniel and I'm sure I did everything Bishop Macedo advised (pray 3 times/day, not watch TV....). The problem is that I don't have this assurance you wrote about. Yesterday while we were seeking the Holy Spirit, I was sincere with God but I felt no joy or peace or any change.
What's wrong with me??? What have I done wrong???
Help me, please! 

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Things I Think About at 18 April 2011 09:28

Dear Anonymous,

First of all, let me say, thank you for asking this question, because I am sure there are people who are feeling exactly as you are feeling and are frustrated. You ask me, what’s wrong with you? What have you done wrong? The answer… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Think with me. You have been praying 3 times a day, keeping yourself clean from the influence of this world and have been seeking the Holy Spirit! What could be wrong with that? How can anything be wrong with you when you have made yourself this available to God? The thought that something is wrong with you can only come from the devil, because he is the only one who doesn’t want you to keep doing what you are doing. Now, listen very carefully, this is very important, even though you may not have received the Holy Spirit yet, you are closer to receiving Him than ever! And, oh what a day it shall be when He comes upon you! (I say when and not if, because He promised that He WILL come upon you and He always fulfils His promises!)

The secret to Daniel’s fast was his persistence. From the first day he started praying, the very first day, God sent him an answer, but the answer was delayed. Now, imagine if Daniel had given up on day 20 of his fast, saying, ‘Something is wrong with me, I’m giving up now. My prayers are not working.’ He would have missed the answer which came on the 21st day. So, with you the answer didn’t come on day 21, but it will come on day 22, day 23, day 24… it will come! Continue pouring your perfume at His feet. Continue emptying yourself of anything that impedes Him from coming (such as these doubts you are having), continue seeking, continue praying, continue fasting, continue doing exactly what you were doing – no, make that more than what you were doing, because your time is near. As you are reading this, the Holy Spirit is expelling every doubt you have in your heart and is confirming to you that nothing is wrong with you! You are not alone. He is with you. He desires to seal you and He will seal you with His Presence!

Don’t be desperate. Don’t expect things to happen exactly as they happened for me. Each one’s experience is different and personal. Yours may be different from mine. Just believe in His promise. Do not believe the lies of the devil! The Holy Spirit is pleased with your offering, have no doubt about that. He is with you and when He comes upon you to seal you, as I’m sure He will, please come back to share with us your testimony. God bless you!


Susan Yeboah said...

This is very strong and true Mrs Moti it reminds me of what Bishop said on Prophesy yesterday that we receive the Holy Spirit by faith no because we are worthy or because we deserve because the truth is we will never ever be deserving enough of having God live inside of us, so as its by faith if we sacrifice and believe we will have the seal of God. Let us all keep fighting. I am sure this post will help MANY. God bless x

Sibon said...

This is strong indeed and confirms everything God has ben speaking to me during these 21 days that we recieve by faith and you don't have to feel anything, just believe. This is what happened to me when I was baptised with the Holy Spirit on the 17th Day of the fast during the 7am service on wedneday. I did not feel anything but as I was seeking God I believed in His promise and He came upon me. Oh what a day ot was for me and will be for this person too when they recieve the Holy Spirit.

Andréia Braga said...

Sou a mais nova seguidora do blog da sra. amei conhecer , beijossss

kiss, kiss, very beaultiful blog !

maggie said...

very strong Moti!!