Friday, 27 May 2011

My Journey in Sisterhood...Don't be afraid to try new things.

There are two reasons why I am sharing this video with you. The first is because I truly love and am greatly humbled by the work of Sisterhood. I thank God for the day I decided to become a part of this special group. Through it, I am constantly growing and learning how to become a woman far beyond my imagination. May God continue to guide and anoint this work.

And, the second reason I am sharing this video, also because of what I've come to appreciate through the Sisterhood, is to encourage you all to never be afraid to try new things. If there is a desire inside of you to achieve something, that desire is in fact a reality waiting to happen. Usually, for it to happen, you will need to challenge yourself to come out of your comfort zone. But, here is the thing, you only need to do that one step at a time, no need for giant leaps. A step at a time will get you there. This is my first step - my very first video. Because I dared to sit in front of my computer and try, instead of giving into the many insecurities that were screaming at me, I managed to not only stop at admiring other people's beautiful videos, but now admire my own as well. Is my video perfect? Certainly not, it can definitely be a lot better, even I can see that, but I don't think I will be prouder of any other video I make from now on than this one. Remember, all it takes is a step at a time!

What is it that God has put in your heart to learn or develop? Go for it! Your time has come.


Helena Marques said...

Loved it Mrs Moti!

Rosette said...

This is just wonderful! I love it. It does not look like a first video, really :-)
Our God is amazing, there are so many things He wants to do through our lives!!!

Tasha said...

Very nice video Mrs Moti! It really encouraged me, thank you for sharing your experience and looking forward to more videos!!!

Ereny Caldas said...

Parabens d. Motti! Muito interessante a sua colocacao. Realmente temos a mania de olhar para o tamanho do problema ao inves de mostrarmos ao problema o tamanho do nosso DEUS.
Que Deus a abencoe muito!!
Um beijo no seu coracao!!

Anonymous said...

wow you sure can make a bed will try this as well. thanks

Ms guni

K.GordonUK said...

I Loved that video Ms Moti, not only has it inspired for diffrent ideas but also the video kinda shows how my journey is now.

Va'Nessah said...

Thank you Mrs Moti, this has given me the urge to try new things and to not be scared to do it. Oh i really do need to break this fear about myself.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it can be daunting to try or do new things, butit can also be exciting.

Last week, for example, Pastor asked me to make a boat (a big boat). 'in my head, I thought WHAT?!, HOW?!'

But I took on the challenge with the guidance of God and afew special friends. In a week, we had a boat. I am very creative, but never ever did I think I was able to achieve the outcome of that boat - the glory went to God!

Taking on that challenge took fears away and even helped me to trust in God, now I have confidence to do other creative things that I have never done before!

Anonymous said...

so true, every big accomplishment starts with small steps, when i decided to do sisterhood i knew i was going to learn new things and i am.sandy xx