Thursday, 23 June 2011

How to Overcome Difficulties!

I witnessed something very interesting last week. I was riding a bike, when all of a sudden I heard this loud thud behind me, then a woman panicking over a crying baby. I stopped to look behind me, even dropped my bike to go and see how I could help her. A few of us (women of course) were gathered around her, watching her fuss over her son, who was still crying. It seemed like the more she kept fussing over him, the more he kept crying. All this while, the father was standing aside, watching this whole scene, which lasted about 5 minutes, with no results.

Finally he couldn’t take it anymore. Very seriously he approached mother and child and immediately removed the mother and put her aside. It was now his turn to deal with things. He called out to the child by name and got him to look at him. With a very stern voice, he asked, ‘Why are you crying?’ Without waiting for an answer, he told him, ‘Wipe your tears now, you’re fine.’ The child stopped crying immediately and did as he was told. The father told the mother to get on the bike and the two rode off again, as if nothing had happened. This scene lasted less than a minute!

This showed me how deceiving our emotions can be. They lie to us and make us believe we have no strength to overcome. They make us look down, cry and worry about problems, instead of looking ahead, seeking a solution. There will be times in our lives when we will fall, problems will come our way, we’ll make mistakes and go through painful experiences. From this situation learn this, the longer you feed your emotions, concentrating on the problem, the longer you remain in that problem. It’s no use calling your friend to talk about it, seeking for comfort from her. The sooner you wipe those tears and stop crying, the sooner you will find the strength in you to move on.

I know getting over a fall from a bicycle is much easier than recovering from divorce, from financial failure, from abuse. But, the principle is the same. You have got to stop looking at the problem and start looking ahead. What awaits you from here onwards? What hope is there in your future? Don’t you deserve better than this? When you ask yourself these hard questions, you will discover this incredible strength that you have inside - survival! We all have this instinct in us. It is just clouded sometimes by emotions. It’s time to let the survivor inside of you come out! Don’t give up on your dreams. No, it’s not too late to fulfil them and live the life you’ve always wanted. Look forward, because God is with you!


Genilda Silva said...

Gostei muito de seu primeiro blog em português, ficou ótimo^^
E gostei principalmente do que foi ensinado aqui. As emoções até parecem ter uma boa intenção, mas o exagero delas nos enfraquece, e nos tira o foco de seguir em frente.

K.Gordon(UK) said...

This is so true mrs moti emotions can block us off from changing the situation that we are in but hovering and dwelling on it. K.Gordon(UK)

Tamika said...

Mrs. Moti,

I would agree 100% with this. i share this openly with everyone, i remember when i first got the responsibility to be in charge of the CBC, i said "oh my gosh!" i was lost, i did not have a clue, i didn`t even know how to speak, i use to get my words mixed up all the time. it was crazy. With time i learnt a little here and a little there. Thats`s where my problem began, i started to get in trouble, and this was for always failing to do thing`s i should have, there were times that i would cry, and say to God "my God just remove me, let someone else come in my place." Until i realised that in order for me to be better, i woild have to go through hard moments - a learning period. Just imagine if i gave up at the first hurdles. - sad, Today i`m am still overcoming this, but at least i have this understanding " My God, i will do better nest time"

This Post was a Blessing, and i believed it has helped many, if i recieved this message but then, it would have been even greater. Thanks a million.

Shanika said...

Hi Mrs. Moti
For me this one of the things that I have struggle with, learning how to get back up when i have just made a mistake and learning how to move on from it. However with this story i can clear see how to do it, by saying to myself same thing the father said to his son which was stop crying and let go. Thank you

Va'Nessah said...

Hi Mrs Moti,
this week i faced something similar to this and what i learnt was that i had to MAN UP ! you see how it was the father (a man) that changed the situation sometimes we have to be like men and just have no emotion because emotions let things go on for longer than its supposed to be and you dont get anywhere. but when you man up you wipe them tears away and move forward !

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mrs Moti for the message and it is true we all have the power inside us to overcome or to fight for our dreams. What satan wants is for us to give up that power so that he could wor in ourlives, i also believe the secret is to presevere, holding on until the end.


Anonymous said...

so true, when we face obstacles we clouded with emotions thats what first hits, especially when we are females, but we need to be firm and know that faith is the way forward. sandy xxx