Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What to do With Your Sad Past

When speaking to my friend this week I realized something about guilt. Guilt is a feeling which immobilizes us. How much time do we spend thinking about things that we did wrong? I, for example, until a certain point in my life, always used to blame myself for the bad decisions I had made in the beginning of my marriage. And I ask, what was I doing to change my situation when this feeling of guilt used to come? Absolutely NOTHING! Instead of seeking to change my situation, I would lament about my sad past, which, as much as I lamented about it, I would not be able to change it. What was done was done.  I couldn’t change it anymore. Do you know when I acted? When I realized the following:

Worse than regretting a year of bad decisions is regretting a year and a day of bad decisions! I had had enough and I revolted against my situation. I didn’t accept going through that situation one more day. Then everything changed.

What matters isn’t what you have done in the past years. What matters now is what you will do in the coming years. Do you want to know what to do with your sad past? Yes, bury it. Forget about the past and go in the strength you have, mighty warrior!


Millenna Gonzalez said...

Looking behind only makes us walk into a wall but looking forward only enables you to keep marching on, and that's the only thing that will help us grow, if we keep going even through all the trips and falls and scratches we get on the way what matters is that we carry on, what we did yesterday doesn't matter anymore because we can't change it but what we can do tomorrow does because we can do something about it. I know exactly what you mean about guilt paralysing us and i've also learnt that simply dwelling on the past wastes time AND gets you nowhere! Bury it and keep moving. Thank you Mrs Moti

Jaqueline said...

Hi Moti, I just want you to know how much I like to read your posts. Please write more, all your posts are amazing. It's like God speaking with me.
Thank you
Jaqueline (Japan)

Tamika said...

Mrs. Moti,

This Blog is so true, i use to do that all the time, i use to cry, and feel sorry for myself, why this and why that. Also when i was in these thoughts i use to always compare myself to others, i would say, but look at so and so, they are doing this, or i can`t do that, i`m not good enough. when i learnt to just get on with the present was when i really began to break through, i began to serve more, and God gave me more reponsiblity. Mrs. Mot, us women we tent to do that dwell in the past, but only when we cast our emotions aside and go forward is when we see results, and then change happens.

Chantel said...

I put my hands up to this
I use to always sit down and think about my past and with that Satan uses it accuse me.
After speaking to someone about it,It was clear that he can only use the past to accuse me because he doesn't hold my future.I wasnt able to overcome until I revolted,until I realise that it was weapon of devil to keep me stuck.But once I decided to Bury my past I was able to move forward in my life.
Chantel Matthan

Shanika said...

holding on to the past can be so true and regretting it dose not help the situation at all, because looking and regretting it makes us stand still in fear of making the same mistake again. So instead of looking and regretting i look forward and close the door to the past. Using intelligent faith to remove the past.

Va'Nessah said...

Its true Mrs Moti,
we do need to let go of our past and move forward. Many times because we haven't let go of the past makes our future worse because we are not doing anything to change the situation.
I learnt to let go of my past and move forward and its one of the best decisions i have made in my life.

Rianna U said...

The past is exactly what it is PAST and there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it. Trying to change the past and regretting what you have done is not going to get you anywhere, leave it where it is and move forward.

Simone said...

This is so strong... Why would I spend time thinking about yesterday and what I could've done when I can think about today and what I can do!

lindiwe said...

Dear Mrs Moti

Thank you,I should bury my past because even if I cry there is nothing I can do .Soo from now on when the thought of the past come into my mind I have to practise to bury them.

Thank you very much for the post

Anonymous said...

Ms moti everytime I read this I get something new. The truth is this is something I need to do everyday. Because I'm bound to make mistakes, but I need to get up and keep moving rather than lamenting over spilt milk. :) dami x

Sandy Alecia Lewis said...

so true guilt just wears you down, just needs to forget about it and move, my pastor once said God created our eyes at the front of our head for us to keep on looking forward,not backwards.sandy xx

Micheline Kawende said...

Every human being has a past that they are either proud of or disappointed of. The majority of people are not proud of their past because of bad decisions or actions they took. We all make mistakes and shouldn't hold on to it, as it impedes us from moving forward in life, I shared the same problem until I learnt that even though the past cannot be re-written our future holds potential glories that with the inclusion of God, can be

Adinilza Matzinhe said...

when we look at past we lose opportunity and consequently we become frustrate in life