Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Battle of the Bulge: Magic Pills

Oh my, I can’t tell you how often I’ve wished I could just stumble upon that miraculous pill, that would sort out my weight issues and put me out of my misery. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my friend, magic weight loss pills do not exist! I don’t care how convincing the argument on the box is, there is no quick solution to weight loss! It is quite frustrating when the image you have of yourself in your head, does not match what you see in the mirror. But, unfortunately there is no quick solution to weight loss.

When you think about it, you’ll notice that you didn’t gain the weight in a week, so you definitely won’t lose it in a week. It takes time for your body to put on weight. Similarly, it takes time for your body to lose weight. There is only one way of losing weight, and that’s causing a deficit in your calorie intake. That sounds very complicated, but all it means is, in order for your body to lose fat, not muscle mass or water, you need to spend more energy than you consume. How do you do that?

Firstly, you need to consume fewer calories than usual, so, you need to choose lighter options of the food you eat and eat less portions of it. That way, the energy you put into your body is reduced. Secondly, you need increase the amount of energy your body spends, by increasing your physical activities. Exercise, exercise, exercise!!! That is the only way of losing weight. Now you understand what it takes to lose weight, you surely can see that no pill is going to do this for you. What you need is discipline! No, let me rephrase that, what we need is discipline! Here are a few tips that can help…

Tips for reducing your calorie intake:
  • Start with keeping a food journal. When you note down everything you eat, you tend to eat less and choose healthier options.
  •   If you can’t avoid processed foods completely and stick to natural foods, then replace white starch with brown starch. The more processed foods are, the more caloric they are. I’ll explain more about this in a later blog.
  •  Double your portions of vegetables and eat a quarter of the starch you normally eat, that is rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, etc.
  • Drink more water and hot tea in between meals, you’ll be inclined to eat less meal times. Remember to use sweetener instead of sugar in your tea!

Tips for increasing your physical activity:
  •  Forget the lift, go for the stairs. (Yes, even if you live on the 7th floor!)
  • Don’t sit down in the bus or tube. Stand for the duration of your journey.
  • Go take your bus two stops away (a station away, if you use the tube). Do the same when you get off. If you drive, don’t park too close to your destination.
  •  Do more housework. Yes girls, spring-cleaning is a form of exercise. Woohooo!!!

Our task:

Let’s choose one way of decreasing our calorie intake and one of increasing our activity level for this week and be sure to be faithful to stick to it. Come back to share your experience by leaving your comments below. Are you in?


Krystina said...

Good Afternoon Mrs. Moti,
I have been overweight all my life, but I recently looked into a program called weight watchers which is very famous here in the US and well its been helping me alot. Like you say, tracking everything you eat you see the evidence of eating 2 brownies instead of a piece of one. Its been a bit hard for I have a big sweet tooth but I feel better. Were in this together, fighting the bulge! We will overcome just we need to stay motivated. God Bless you I still remember you from Israel. Eres Linda!!

carole said...

Mrs. moti,

I love this post and I am so in, seriously, I too sometimes think if only there was a magic pill lool to loose this weight of mine, but I guess I am not willing to pay the price of what is going to cost me. But is true indeed it takes time to gain weight and it also takes time to loose it I like that.

Jodian Falcher said...

This is funny Mrs Moti because sometimes I wish there was a magic weight loss pill too but I guess you alway have to wake up at some point isn't it. The truth is unless there is hard work there is no results.

Aneeka K said...

Hi Mrs Moti,
Oh how I wish there was a pill but oh well!
Yes I am in, I'll get a food diary and fill you in next week!

Mosurat said...

Thanks Mrs Moti for you advice and tips . I will surely think about it and most importantly apply it.