Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Battle of the Bulge: Motivation

Lol, even just thinking about it makes me laugh. Here I was planning what I was going to be writing about on my blog each day. Seeing that I mostly write about experiences I go through, I searched inside of me to see which issues I had gone through in the past, or which I was dealing with at present that I could share with you. And, when I thought of the battle of the bulge I had to laugh. “Moti,” I thought to myself, “You writing about weight loss, is like a divorced woman giving tips on how to save a marriage!” 

I confess, it is quite ironic for me to be giving weight loss tips. But then, and this is the reason I chose to delve into this subject, there is so much to the process of losing weight than knowing the right amount of calories to eat and good exercise routines. The most difficult battles against bulge take place internally. Facing those battles is the first step to shedding kilos. And, because I started identifying and overcoming these internal battles, I have managed to drop two sizes. I’m not jumping for joy yet, because I still have a long way to go, but I’m noting that I’m in the right track. So, ladies, here is my first tip…

One of the hardest things about losing weight is staying motivated to continue with the weight loss plan. The road to weight loss is long. We normally give up, because what we are doing does not yield quick results. We exercise and eat correctly and yet the number on the scale doesn’t drop. So the tendency is to give up. You need to look for other factors to help you keep motivated. Here’s what’s working for me – I am taking better care of my appearance. Whereas before I would just not bother, because I thought nothing looked good on me, I started changing my hairstyles, wearing more make-up, following the latest trends and you know what? I transformed myself and now I feel so great about myself, I just want to keep improving and doing more. So now, it’s easier to opt for the salad when I go out with friends, not because I’m afraid they’ll criticize me for eating, but because I’m really motivated to achieve my goal and that’s helping me to be more disciplined. 

Tip: Look for external factors that will motivate you to feel good about yourself. Sooner than you know it, the external you will start influencing the internal you and you'll be motivated to go the extra mile.


sibongile said...

Good morning Mrs M

Wow what a great inspiration to loose weight. I have just learnt that its start from the inside to always feel positive about myself and my weight.

Thank you

Tillyah said...

Miss moti, even though you said its ironic for you to give weight loss advice it is most appreciated because I was on the verge of giving up with my exercise regime. It's true we do tend to give up when we don't see quick results!

Aneeka K said...

Mrs Moti!
This is right up my street and what I needed to hear!
I was supposed to start my weight loss regime last week and haven't yet due to what you said but now I will first thing in the morning!
Thank you for the motivation!
P.S: I think its great that your writing about this! x

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Moti,

I just wanted to share my experience with my weight.

Growing up, I struggled so much with my weight to the point, I wanted to kill myself because of the way I looked - Complexes, depression etc.

When I came to the church, I lost 5 stones in a few months only by walking - I walked everywhere. From home to church, it took 3 hours. So I was walking minimum 6 hours a day.

This was my motivation, because I saw the weight fall off, my clothes were good for nothing because they became too big, lol.

I challenge anyone to walk daily for at least 1 month, because I guarantee you will see changes! Walking is the best exercise. After you see changes, you will want to continue.

By the way, I remember I used to eat chicken and chips every single day, so imagine if I was eating healthy as well as walking, I believe, I would have lost much more weight!

You can read more of my experience here:



God Bless x