Monday, 9 January 2012

Moti Answers: There is No Silly Question

This section of the blog is reserved to answering your questions. If you are going through situations you need help with, or need advice about dealing with certain issues, email your questions to and I'll publish the question you send me and the answer I send you. Your identity will be kept anonymous and your question will help clear the doubts of many readers who are going through the same thing. Looking forward to hearing from you.

P.S. Remember, there is nothing like a silly question!


obreira sumeya said...

good afternoon
I still have doubts about the dress, like when we go to the beach, what would be the right models to be used without exposing my body would have you give an example, please!
thank you

Anonymous said...

I'm still single worker but I'm enjoying another worker. I was wondering how it would be the correct thing to do now that we know ourselves. I have not spoken to him than I, found it more convenient as well, will have to tell the pastor that I am enjoying a worker, not knowing if he represents?
Help me