Friday, 20 January 2012

Photo Friday: Trying Something New

My First Set - Girl Meets Woman

Experimenting with fashion isn't something I would have pictured myself doing a few months ago, because I don't consider myself very creative. But, inspired by a friend who was inspired by a friend, lol, here I am doing the unexpected. When was the last time you tried something new?


Tillyah said...

to be honest with you miss moti...a very long time! i get what you mean! i am going to experiment too...thanks for passing on the inspiraton!

Louisy said...

Hey Mrs Moti experiencing with new things was something I wasn't always fond of because when I was comfortable with a certain style of clothing be it hairstyle, makeup or even accessories I would tend to stick to it for a very long time. However this week I tried something different in the eyes of many it may not seem big but to me and for those who know me know that I don't ever and when I mean ever I mean never ever wear flowers or any type of floral headband in my hair because I felt as though it made me look childish however I tried it this week and to be honest I liked it and those dear to me even realised and acknowledged the fact I did so. I look forward to trying many new things.

Puleng Ngoato (Bxt UK) said...

just the word "experiment" brings up a lot of stuff, I think about changing my routine, then my mind, then everything else.
But I have to confess someone close to me suggested I start something with my talent of sewing and at first I thought "NO THANKS PLEASE KEEP IT MOVING" but after careful consideration I started a sewing journey on my Facebook so each week I sew something to add in my wardrobe, and then I realised that this whole experimental thing saves me a lot of money, because I don't need to buy clothes and already I have inspired someone else to join me on my journey!! so thumbs up for trying something new. xx