Thursday, 5 January 2012

True Love Series: Submission

Yes, ladies. Let's tackle the elephant in the room! I also am a product of our generation, so when I used to hear the word submission, I confess, my stomach would knot. 'What an old fashioned idea!' I'd think. I was studying, preparing myself to be a career woman,  I didn't want to hear about submission. 

Of course, while I was single, I could ignore the ugly truth (that's how I thought of the idea of a woman submitting to a man  - ugly!) But then, like any modern woman, I fell in love and I got married. But, oh oh, he was a Pastor! You know what that meant? Yes, I was now a Pastor's Wife. For me, this was (and still is) more than a title. It was my calling. So, the Word of God wasn't something I could ignore anymore. But, nothing had changed for me. I still thought that submission was UGLY UGLY UGLY!!! What now? Oh, how I wanted to tear that page out of my Bible!

But, the concept of submission is not so foreign to the modern woman as we all think. This is something that our generation has made us believe, but we see that many women end up submitting all the time - to their friends! And, they love it! Remember the time you felt like shouting at your friend, but for the sake of your friendship, you held your tongue? You felt good about it, didn't you? Remember when you allowed your friend the last word, just to make her happy? And when you left everything you were doing to go out with your friend, because she needed you? Now think about that... what were you doing in those instances? Weren't you giving up your own will in order to please your friend? That, dear friend, is submission! Now I ask, is that ugly? Why then is it ugly when God instructs us to do the same thing for the man with whom we have chosen to spend the rest of our life?

See, the concept of submission is not so strange to us, nor is it difficult. The difficult thing is breaking free of this diabolical idea that the world has given us, that submission is ugly. Films and books are spreading this horrible message that the Word of God is ugly. And those same films and books romanticise submission in friendship. But, think with me, how can a perfect God come up with an ugly idea? My friend, when you submit to your husband, you bring out the prince charming in him. Why are modern women so frustrated in love - in constant search  of that man who would make them feel safe, stay faithful to them, or as romance books would put it, a man who would die for them? It is because they refuse to submit to their husbands! That way, they will never get to experience the true love of a man. Have I given you enough reason to HATE not submitting? Well, here's one more reason...

It is the Word of God! 

And, like ALL His Word, it is the answer to ALL your prayers for love!


Ashanta Hay said...

Thank you. I never looked at things from that perspective before and that example about what you'd do for a friend is so true. For me this just reinforces the idea of having more of Him and less of me

Baithuti said...

There's definately no mistake in the Word of God. Thought-provoking message. Thank you Mrs Moti.

mpho said...

Thank you Mrs Moti, that's the reason why God ask us to submit to our husband, He knows if we do just this we will be truly happy in our love life.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Mrs. Moti.

This message brought a smile on my face because I believe in this word of submiting and I really like what you said about when we submit to man we bring the prince charming him and there for he treats you with all the love and respect you deserve.

A big kiss and hug to you

Carole Basseck

Sibongile Mazibuko said...

Good day Mrs M

I dont know about submission to a husband because I am not married but God has blessed me with a fiance so I I have learnt that the day I am married to him its very important to have the spirit and character of submission. Thank you

Tola said...

Thank you Mrs Moti for this message and yes you have given me a reason to hate not to submit. It is very true that this word submission turns our belly when we hear it but has you said that we submit to our friends every time so why is it so difficult to our hobby.
Thank you for blessing my day