Thursday, 12 January 2012

True Love Series: Together Forever

Ever wonder why rings were chosen as the symbol of marriage? It’s because when you look at a ring, you see no beginning and no end to it. Likewise, marriage should have no end.  But, lately, we see that that's no longer the case, with divorce becoming more and more popular. All of a sudden people find it difficult to stay together forever.  However, in practice we see that we human beings, are capable of keeping lifetime relationships. I mean, ever heard of a father divorcing his son, or a brother divorcing his sister?

No matter how horrible the children are to their parents, divorcing one another is simply no option. Only death can separate them. In the same way, God intended only death to separate two people who bond in a marriage. So, why has it become so difficult for married couples to stay together nowadays?  I note two reasons for that. The first is simple. People divorce because they’ve presented themselves with the option of divorce. Why do you never take your running shoes to go run on a lake? Right, because you’ve conditioned your mind to think that it is impossible and therefore your mind never even suggests it. Instead, it presents with other possible options. The second reason is because people have confused emotions for love. Emotions are circumstantial and very fickle. They change, one day they are high, one day they are low – in short, they are unstable.  So, how could anything based on them be permanent?

“But, Moti, you don’t understand my situation! How can you say I must stay in this marriage? I don’t love him anymore. What now?” When I was in your case (mind you, I say when, not if), I removed divorce as a possible solution. Then my emotions went next. That only left me with my faith and many sacrifices to make. I’ll not lie to you, it will take sacrifices – many, many sacrifices (but none as bad as the sacrifice of having to divorce and begin again J).  Secondly, you need to keep visiting this blog every Thursday. I’ll be sharing with you the sacrifices I had to make to keep my marriage going. By doing the same, you will certainly bring your marriage back to life. There's hope for you!

"What about me? I’m single!" You are in the best position of all of us. You haven’t made the mistakes yet, you can just learn from mine and avoid them in the first place. Come back to learn how to recognize true love, so that you’ll be able to give and receive true love and stay together forever with the chosen one.

P.S. If you are a victim of domestic abuse/violence, this message doesn’t apply to you. You need to leave and leave IMMEDIATELY!!! You need to break the silence and end the violence, because you are dealing with someone who is emotionally damaged and staying might cost you your life. Click here for help!

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Baithuti said...

Very insightful. Looking forward to more on the true love series!