Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Words of Inspiration: PC vs Mac

No friends, this is not a blog giving advice about computers and operating systems. If you are a man who landed here in search of interesting facts, forgive me. I wasn’t intentionally trying to deceive you. (But, why not read on, because I don’t think you are here by chance!)

So, here’s what’s behind the title of today’s blog. For years and years, in fact, for as long as I’ve been using a computer, I have been adamant that I could not stand Macs. On numerous occasions, my husband would suggest I start using a Mac and I would refuse. When friends and I got into the common PC vs Mac duel, I’d be fighting the battle for the PC. Well, recently my PC crashed and all I was left with was my hubby’s Mac, while he was fixing my PC. Now, I had no choice. I started using the ‘dreadful’ Mac. Two weeks later, my husband returned my PC, all fixed.

But, I didn’t want to give back his Mac, lol. I wanted it for myself. After years and years... and years... of rejecting the Mac, I fell in love with it. Do you know why I used to hate Macs so much? It was because the first time I tried using one, I was so confused, I refused to try again. Now, I probably won’t look at the PC in the same light again. Lessons to be learned from this:

      Sometimes, you might have to try something more than once, before you get it right. That applies especially to changing. You try once to change, but find it too frustrating and end up reverting to the same old habit. Well, try again and again, because soon the new habit will become natural.

      Be open to suggestions from those who know better than you, for example parents, managers, more experienced friends, (and for all the Sisterhood girls, Big Sisters :-) ). Don’t assume you know it all. We all have things to learn.

Time for a change, ladies (and the one gentleman who landed here by mistake and stayed reading till the end)! Let’s begin this year with a bang. If you have been struggling with things you know you need to change, but don’t know where to start or how to start, send me and email to and I’ll reply to you with tips about how you can get the ball of your change rolling!


Damilola said...

Ms Moti, its sooooo true. wow.
Love it :)

Anonymous said...

Mrs Moti, I agree with you!