Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Celebrating Small Victories

When I recently visited Brazil, I found a friend I had known in South Africa. We had last seen each other six years ago. When she saw me, she started complimenting me about how different I was, how my appearance had changed for the better, and while she spoke, I compared what she was saying with what I felt about myself on the inside… there were no similarities!

Inside of me, I was frustrated with myself, because I am fighting to lose weight and to improve (we should never stop seeking to improve). I have a goal that I want to reach and as long as I don’t reach this goal, I will never rest. But, until I get there, there will barriers I will need to overcome and when get to those barriers, it is frustrating, isn’t it? True… I noticed something there. A war is made of many small battles, and each small battle that we win, adds to our victory. I have not yet won the war, but I have already won many battles. And today I’m going to celebrate some victories:

  • Now I give value to my appearance. I am no longer waiting to lose weight first so I can start taking care of my appearance.

  • Now I love myself more – I no longer see myself as the ugly fat one. I am the cuddly teddy bear, lol.

  • Now I am more disciplined about what I eat, even though I am not seeing results yet.

Darlings, if we don’t stop to recognize and celebrate our small victories, how are we going to be motivated to continue pursuing our goal and to win the war? Stop to celebrate your small victories today. And, share them by leaving your comments below, because then we can motivate each other.

A huge hug for all of you!!!

P.S. Stay tuned to my blog, because new things are coming.


prosper bel said...

its true you make me realise that today i must celebrate my victory althought its small cause for so many year i was trying to be a more responsible person but couldn"t but today i"ve done something that i"ve try so many time organise myself yesterday i"ve made myself a daily chart that i"ve started today and am very proud of what i"ve done today

Busie said...

I'm so happy for you but one things I've seen from you even although you were not feeling comfortable about your appearance you didn't show us that panicking you manage to adore it in a good and lovely way. And from there God really gave you that confidence...Thanks for sharing one thing I've just learn, that i need a change in my life too. Even when i dont admire things about my appearance i can treat them in adorable way....

Thanks Mrs Monti


Busie(Celine) R.SA

Crystal said...

i totally agree, and thats why ever now and then (for as long as i can remeber)

i always take time out to celeberate me, and the things i have achieved, i wasnt always a lover of making targets but i found doing this was acting as added motivation for me and so now i can honestly say that with doing this, along with setting my self targets, i've grown to love and appreciate myself in a way i have never done before.

and its brilliant!, its a great feeling to be confident in who you are, this helps massively in our personal relationship with God


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Mrs. Moti. I totally agree with you. This reminds me of something which had happen to me, a friend of mine said to me the end of the year is near what have you achieve and at first I was a bit down but when I tough about it I tough to myself, I have actually achieve a lot, although it may look small in the eyes of others but I should celebrate. I have achieve a great relationship between mother and daughter, myself. And there is more to come

Thank you for sharing. Ps. You look lovely.xxxxxxx

Carole Basseck

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, and yes you are right. There are times when i overcome small things but i see them as something very unsignificant. When in reality they are victories that i should be proud of because i overcame them. I am also in the same situation as you trying to loose weight, and i have lots some which i am highly proud of but i still dont sit down. I will continue until i hit the major target of it.

Adrianne Escarraman - New York

christiane said...

Thank you very much for this post miss Moti. I grew up thinking I was too tall,too shy, too this and that, not enable to achieve my dreams and take good decisions for myself. For the past two years,I realise that I've changed so much! I haven't reached my goal but I keep learning and investing in myself .Celebrating small victories will motivate me to go to the next levels.

Anonymous said...

To be honest Mrs Moti, this is one thing I lack. I don't appreciate, am always seeing the bad rather than the good. So I will look at my small victories so that I maybe motivated to do more.
Maggie from Australia.

Adinilza Matzinhe said...

Must of the time we are so focus on the big change that we can't see the small change that makes all the difference