Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Identifying Your Talents

Hi friends, it’s been a while, but it’s so good to be writing again. I've missed writing and reading your comments.

Now, here is a random fact about me, or maybe not so random, for those of you who know me. I am funny! Hmm, to be honest, it’s strange even saying it, because if you asked me, I don’t think I’m funny at all. However, so many people have told me I am, that at some point, I had to start believing it. And, it isn’t till recently that I realized that this is a talent.

Although there are exceptions, most of us tend to shy away from compliments. That’s because we are so used to criticizing ourselves, that when people compliment us, we always find a thousand reasons why the compliment isn’t valid. That’s not humbleness, by the way. It’s yielding to insecurities. The problem with often yielding to our insecurities is that they never allow us to discover our talents – the things we are good at! And, if we don’t know what our talents are, how can we use them, right?

So then, how can you discover your hidden talents? By listening to those around you. What are they saying about you? What are the things that impress them the most about you? Your cooking skills, your party planning skills, fitness? With me, it’s always my sense of humour. Every time we have Secret Santa with my friends, two things get portrayed about me – my loudness and my sense of humour. (Well, my loudness isn’t a talent, just a fact of life I’m trying really hard to change, lol). Once I identified that my sense of humour is my talent, I started embracing it, instead of being embarrassed by it.

Tomorrow I will share with you how I’ve been using my talent in my quest to win souls and how it’s been helping.

How about you, what are your talents? Take time to identify them, because you were given those talents not so they could stay hidden. They are there to serve a greater purpose and unless you identify them, even when they are seemingly meaningless, you will never use them to make a difference around you.

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Tamika said...

Its true Dna Moti you are funny, and it's that what makes you even more welcoming And approachable,

To be honest, I really need to search to discover my talent ,this blog has really helped me,

Tamika, xxxx

Anonymous said...

I do get where you are coming from being welcoming is part of our culture,(Africa) which is very great opposite when you come to the western culture. I have had people judge me for being too loud and too funny.It's good to see somebody embracing themselves.


Leslie Ntoya said...

Thank you for this article ! I have many ideas in my mind now about how i can use my talent in order to save souls. ;) I just didn't take the time to think about it before.

Leslie, France

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs Moti. This really helped me because I never know what my talent was until now.
when i speak.. i light up a room i know how to get peoples attention solely focused on what i'm saying even with me accent . lol :)
thankyou soo much.

Angel said...

Hello Mrs Moti

You are my favourite writer by far!I know that I am a funny person, mostly because I use sacarsm a lot. After saying something sarcastic I would feel so bad but I would find people laughing, but I still never thought that I was funny.

Thank you Mrs Moti, and I am looking forward to seeing you Whenever you come to SA

Adinilza Matzinhe said...

That is a very good tip. Actually I'm not going to wait until my friend tell me I am going to ask them.

Anonymous said...

so true.. we never think that what our friends may be complimenting us on may be our very own hidden talent, once we find out strengths and understand it , it makes it even more easier to go about doing things and winning souls.