Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year... Will it be?

I hope this year brings you a lot of success, I truly do, but the truth is, if we all continue doing the same things over and over, we are never going to get new results. So, whether or not this year will be new will be determined by whether or not you do new things with your life this year. Change will come with the decisions you make, not because the calendar year has changed. What is it that has been keeping you from achieving what you’ve always wanted to achieve, whether it is losing weight, overcoming an addiction or forgiving a loved one who has hurt you? Whatever it is, identify it and change it. That’s the only way this year is going to be new for you.

Here is a tip I’d like to share with you for achieving growth in this New Year – keeping an open mind. Simple… yet not so simple! 

See, I wish this were the case, but fact is, we are not born knowing everything. In fact, apart from instinctual things like breathing, chewing, etc., everything we know, we’ve had to learn. But, the thing is, the more we grow older, the more we think we know it all. The harder it gets to accept other peoples’ opinions and ways of thinking above our own. When people come to share different views with us, we start becoming defensive. We defend our point of view and hold on to it like we are the authors of truth. Well, we are not! The truth as we know it is not necessarily absolute. We make mistakes. We get things wrong. And, I’m sure you will agree with me, holding on to a wrong idea and defending it with your dear life is well, unprofitable, and anything you do that isn’t profitable is a waste of time.

So, this year, to make the most of your time, keep an open mind and be willing to consider the weight of other people’s constructive criticisms and opinions. But, as the wise say, the truth hurts and that’s a fact we can’t escape from. So, be prepared. It will hurt, you will feel a strong urge to reject the truth and defend yourself… I should say ‘we’, because I’m sure this applies to me too. We just have to push through the pride and appreciate that someone cares enough about us to tell us the truth. Therein, my dear friend, lies the difference between an individual who grows and one who is stagnant. Which one are you going to be this year?

Well, I wish you a year of open-mindedness and therefore, a year of personal growth. Happy 2013!


Marilyn Assan said...

Thank you Mrs. Moti. Very helpful!

Tamara Awarieta said...

Thank you for your blog post Mrs Moti. Indeed, for one to see changes in their lives they must manage their time wisely; and do things differently.


Chantel said...

Thank you Mrs Moti
This message is something ill definitely keep in mind.xxx